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        Jan comes from Zborov, Slovakia. Graduated at Conservatory Zilina with Mgr. art. Marek Pastirík, ArtD. Later studied at prestigious University of Music and Performing Arts (KUG) in Graz, Austria with Heinrich von Kalnein and Karlheinz Miklin, archived Bachelor of Arts degree. After half an year at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland with Joonatan Rautio, he returned to Graz to finish his Master of Arts study. At that time came his first album “The Cigarette After” at Hevhetia publisher. After he finished his study, he went to work in music business to USA and later to Japan, China, South Korea, etc. After one year of traveling he returned to his homeland and started teaching at Conservatory in Košice as a teacher of Pop & Jazz subjects and jazz saxophone. He keeps on teaching in foreign languages. Besides teaching he’s active as musician and composer in various bands and works in recording studios.


Master Jazz Saxophone

University of Arts Graz,

with Heinrich von Kalnein

Exchange study at Metropolia University Helsinki with Joonatan Rautio

Bachelor Jazz Saxophone Kunstuniversität Graz, with Karlheinz Miklin and Heinrich von Kalnein

Conservatory Zilina

Classical Saxophone (Graduation)

with Marek Pastirik

Primary music school ZUS

Michala Vileca Bardejov


Tenor, Alto & Soprano Saxophones

Flutes & Piccolo

Clarinet & Bassclarinet